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Why Constituting America 
 The Return of Founding Principles Resolution

     Tenth Amendment to the Constitution: ---The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

 Common Core Standards (CCS) The DoEd is unconstitutionally attempting to usurp that power by means of Common Core standards (CCS) a Federal/UN take over of our education system

CCS is presented to the states education systems and the general public as simply a math and science curriculum program that will standardize math and science. “That is a falsehood and nothing is further from the truth.”

The International Baccalaureate is in fact working with the DoEd to have CCS compatible and working in unison with the IB program.

 Bill Gates and terrorist Professor Bill Ayers are sponsors and supporters of CCS or Obama’s Federal School Curriculum..

International Baccalaureate Organization:

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is Antithetical to America’s Founding Documents and the Constitution.

Teaches that man’s rights are granted by government, in direct conflict to American Ideologies and the ideologies of liberty. “We the People have certain unalienable rights granted to us by our creator, where governments sole purpose is to defend those rights, and support liberties.”

 The IB is committed and limited to social justice. “Carl Marx formed and detailed the popular concept of social justice that is the political ideology of the IB.”

Social Justice: Government imposes equal outems, redistribution of wealth and a classless society.

Muslim Curriculum: The IB is in 75 schools in Michigan and 1300 nation wide to date. IB curriculum includes Muslim/Islam history from 500 AD to present, void of Christian or Jewish history.

Main sponsors of the IB are Bill Gates and the Saudi Royal Family.

Absent from the IB are US History, the Founding of the US, the founding documents of liberty that made the U.S.A, World War II, and finally the Holocaust.

 Constituting America - Return of Founding Principles 
“The American Baccalaureate (AB)”

 The Constituting America - The Return of Founding Principles program is a 6 month State program, that will defend against these foreign invasions from within, that are attacking our youth, American Ideology and our Republics social structure through America’s School Systems.

 By reinstating the founding principles curriculum on a state by state basis, by act (The Founding Principles Act) from K-12, in accordance with the Tenth Amendment and states rights in order to oppose CCS and the IBO and to renew the Constitution, American Culture, Constitutional Ideology and Leadership necessary to guarantee US liberties for future generations.

 “Factors to Consider” 
"Push Back"

 In order to reinstate constitutional curriculum and US History from K-12 into the nations school systems, it is necessary to eliminate non essential curriculum's such as alternative lifestyles, IB curriculum, Muslim Studies etc, from civics, social studies and or history. A major defense to the contra of CCS and the IB, “Returning Moral Founding Principle to the mainstay of American Culture.”

With curriculum such as Hillsdale Academy and the Bill of Rights Institute as templates to be used manually or digitally along with preexisting curriculum that is in the ocean of curriculum not currently being used to date.

K-7 curriculum's are simply cartoons to establish a basic fundamental base for our youth.

 "The American Baccalaureate" 

A direct opposition to the IB.  Must be presented as the premiere source for US Constitutional Ideologies, that defeated Marxism, Communism, Socialism and Fascism on the world stage and gave the gift of freedom to countless number of nations as a whole, through Natural Law that is found within those founding documents of the US Constitution.

 Call to duty: An estimated 6 month outline to initiate the Return of Founding Principles to the States individually.   Documents are pre established, positive actions are necessary to complete the process.  The hard work has already been completed!

Return of Founding Principles Resolution  and the Founding Principles Act; Reinstates the history curriculum leading up to, and including the constitution and the founding documents with guarantee’s of interpretation. Reinstating Curriculum: Up to a 1 to 2 year process.

“Thank You”


 Special Thanks to Irving Ginsburg for his help and due diligence in exposing CCS and the IBO.
Bill Sage

Thank You - Irving Ginsberg for your efforts and research.

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