Constituting Michigan Resolution

Original Resolution approved through State Issues Committee, then Approved on the floor of the State Committee meeting 8-13-2011. 

Voted in as a Michigan Republican Party Platform Issue on the floor of the MRP convention in May 2012, with 1205 yes votes to 26 nays, by Michigan Precinct delegates from the 15 congressional districts

Resolution: Constituting Michigan Revised 08/12/2011 

Now be it resolved that the Michigan Republican Party Executive Committee
call upon the House of Representatives and State Senate to introduce and hold hearings and favorably act on bills supporting the changing and teaching of the history - government sections of the State’s Core Curriculum in grades K - 12 and for the schools of Michigan to ensure that school children understand the sacrifice that has been made for their God-given liberty; and

Be it further resolved, that Michigan’s schools in grades five through 12 include significant sections on the:

1)  The Magna Carta
2)  The Mayflower Compact
3)  The Declaration of Independence
4)  The Northwest Ordinance
5)  The United States Constitution
6)  The Federalist Papers, and the Anti-Federalist Papers
7)  The Bill of Rights
8)  The Pledge of Allegiance and the American National Anthem;

And be it further resolved, that there shall be questions included in the Michigan core curriculum testing system to test students on their knowledge of these historic documents to ensure that students are effectively learning these time-honored principles in the for mentioned documents; and

Be it further resolved, that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited each school day morning, prior to the start of academic instruction, with a United States of America flag present before them.

The Office Of:
Attorney General
Bill Schuette
Great State of Michigan

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