C.A.I.R. Center of American Islamic Relations (Muslim Brotherhood Organization)

C.A.I.R. has a policy of attacking liberty in general. Here are a few examples:

Allegan High School: Allegan High

C.A.I.R. and Hamas: C.A.I.R. and Hamas

Fairfax County, VAFairfax County, VA - Little Falls Comunity High School

University of Central Florida: University of Central Florida Attempt 

Little Falls High School, Minnesota: Little Falls High School  

Pamela Geller Event: Pamela Geller in Canada 

West Point Shut Down: West Point Military academy 

West Point II: West Point & General Boykin

Michigan Shuts Down Talk on Sharia: Sharia Free Michigan

C.A.I.R. Muslim Brotherhood and the Holy Land Foundation Trial: Holy Land Foundation

Islamist believe that Sharia should be the basis of all governmental and judiciary processes. 

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